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FLAC - Iggy Pop & David Bowie live in San Diego 1977 - 1CD - April 16

Iggy Pop (feat. David Bowie)
Civic Theatre, San Diego, CA
April 16, 1977

Source : Realistic Minisette – 18 recorder > Cassette Master (Sony C90 & 60) Taper : Michael Cariola

Transfer : Sony TC-WE475 (azimuth adjusted) > PC (Line In Creative SB Audigy Fx)

Editing : Audacity (tracking) > Sound Forge (volume) > Wave (16/44) > TLH (sbe aligned) > Flac 8


Here we have a fresh transfer from this cassette master. The bill also included Blondie.

We have special guest David Bowie on keyboards, vocals. Most notably during China Girl.

The sound quality is decent. At this time i do not have the Blondie set.

I have included a scan of the ticket stub inside

Band line-up
Iggy Pop - vocals
Ricky Gardiner - guitar
Tony Sales - bass
Hunt Sales - drums
David Bowie - keyboards, vocals

Total Time = 77:36

Set list
01 Raw Power
02 TV Eye
03 Dirt
04 1969
05 No Fun
06 96 Tears
07 Turn Blue
08 Funtime
09 Gimme Danger
10 Sister Midnight
11 I Need Somebody
12 Search and Destroy
13 I Wanna Be Your Dog
14 Tonight
15 Some Weird Sin
16 China Girl (w/David Bowie)
17 Gloria

Notes :

The left channel was a bit too loud, so i dropped it -2 dB to match the right channel.

Thanks to all who were involved in making this post happen.


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01-Raw Power.flac:679fdcd7a170d9ab42f3844364d7ecbe
02-TV Eye.flac:5b30e8d0154f4564060c4a698bcc71eb
05-No Fun.flac:45bc2cda1a8528e065d18b8d807a7c2a
06-96 Tears.flac:9f834e71940a6bc9d155939e39fd0286
07-Turn Blue.flac:fb963ebb69ec10bde7c360a24df6d72f
09-Gimme Danger.flac:e4299d0129d5187336f013bb47a63c0e
10-Sister Midnight.flac:e934c4be9ae3d4efd7f8bec818bc77ff
11-I Need Somebody.flac:9619ca2f80405ea533c22cf9488d8430
12-Search and Destroy.flac:f3862088862e8276597bf14b7454bfde
13-I Wanna Be Your Dog.flac:ee49b6178b2eb9bfd9772702a5934259
15-Some Weird Sin.flac:91e900249a646958a7f2830b4f2ef233
16-China Girl.flac:6a2971d2d5766100d792b7b35e6d2cfc


vrijdag 3 april 2020

FLAC - David Bowie live in Tokyo 1978 - 1CD - December 12 - soundboard

Artist: David Bowie

Date: December 12, 1978

Title: "Hoping for a Little Romance"

Label: YOU (J00-2)

Source: Soundboard

Venue: NHK Hall, NHK Broadcasting Center, Tokyo, Japan

Lineage: CD(M) > EAC (secure) > WAV > FLAC

Size: 449 MB

Quality: Excellent - There are edits between some tracks


001 Warszawa
002 "Heroes"
003 Fame
004 Beauty and the Beast
005 Five Years
006 Soul Love
007 Star
008 Hang Onto Yourself
009 Ziggy Stardust
010 Suffragette City
011 Station to Station
012 TVC 15
013 Interview

449 MB

Notes: A Japanese release of this concert and it is far better than the European CD issue Wild Mutation [1991]. Very good to excellent

Bowie completed an intense period of touring with the Low and Heroes tour, which ended with his second ever trip to Japan. The five shows
were booked in Osaka and Tokyo, ending on December 12, 1978 at the NHK hall. An hour of this show was taped and broadcast on television
and is the source for "Hoping for a Little Romance" The nine minute interview is from Japanese television.

Artwork included

Download this bootleg here

FLAC - David Bowie live in London 1978 - 1CD - July 1 - soundboard

David Bowie - Earl's Court 1st July 1978 SBD

Linage: Wave>>>EAC>>>TLC>>>FLAC8>>>YOU

What in the World
Be my Wife
The Jean Genie
Sense of Doubt
Speed of Life
Sound and Vision
Breaking Glass
Beauty and the Beast

Download this bootleg here

FLAC - David Bowie live in Gothenburg 1978 - 2CD - June 4

David Bowie - Another Stage
4th June 1978
Excellent sound quality
Label: Black Eagle BE003/004
Source: TradeCDR (lineage unknown)--> EAC(wave)--> FLAC(level 4)--> YOU (DaD)
Artwork: Included

One of those boots where the cover picture is from a different era to the actual recording, I find that most annoying. Thankfully the content on this set makes up for that. Recorded live in Gothenburg on June 4th 1978, we have the complete show in very good sound quality, with a few bonus tracks thrown in just as filler.
-- Savage Jaw

Finally a release of the complete concert in Gothenburg 1978. For the first time is STAY / TVC 15 / REBEL REBEL available on disc. The sound quality is excellent and even better than on any earlier issues on vinyl or CD! The only sad thing is the cut in STAY, but it probably comes from the master tape? The excellent sound quality and the fact that this is the complete concert, makes this CD a true must!


1. Warszawa
2. Heroes
3. What In The World
4. Be My Wife
5. The Jean Genie
6. Blackout
7. Sense Of Doubt
8. Speed Of Life
9. Breaking Glass
10. Fame
11. Beauty And The Beast
12. Five Years
13. Soul Love
14. Star
15. Hang On To Yourself
16. Ziggy Stardust
17. Suffragette City


1. Art Decade
2. Moon Of Alabama
3. Station To Station
4. Stay
5. TVC 15
6. Rebel Rebel
7. Heroes (Copenhagen / 31st May 1978)
8. Sound And Vision (Earls Court, London / 1st July 1978)
9. Fame (Earls Court, London / 1st July 1978)

Download this bootleg here

FLAC - David Bowie live in Vienna 1978 - 2CD - May 22

David Bowie

We Can Be Heroes (1978) Flac [2cd]

The Stadthalle Vienna, Austria
22nd May 1978

Excellent Audience Recording

Artwork Included

Lineage: SilverCD--> EAC(secure)--> Flac(level.8)--> HungerCity!

The complete show caught in very good to excellent sound quality!
This was the first ever show that Bowie performed in Austria, and it was a good one!
This Japanese release is very nice both when it comes to the quality of the discs and when it comes to the great cover!

A must!

Disc 1

01. Warszara
02. "Heroes"
03. What In The World
04. Be My Wife
05. The Jean Genie
06. Blackout
07. Sense Of Doubt
08. Speed Of Life
09. Breaking
10. Fame
11. Beauty And The Beast

Disc 2

01. Five Years
02. Soul Love
03. Star
04. Hang On To Yourself
05. Ziggy Stardust
06. Suffragette City
07. Art Decade
08. Alabama Song
09. Station To Station
10. Stay
11. TVC-15
12. Rebel Rebel

Download this bootleg here

FLAC - David Bowie live in Rotterdam 1976 - 2CD - May 13 - soundboard

DAVID BOWIE - Sport Paleis Ahoy, Rotterdam (The Netherlands) May 13, 1976 ( SBD ) FLAC Santa Arcor¥s Xmas present for all Bowie freaks

Vinyl>MagixMusicCleaningLab2006>Wave>CDWave>WAVE>FlacFrontend Level 8>FLAC>Torrent

TAPE>MagixMusicCleaningLab2006>Audacity>Wave>CDwave>WAVE>FlacFrontend Level 8>FLAC>TORRENT

Quality : 7-8 (tape) 9 (vinyl)

01.Station To Station
02.Suffragette City
04.Word On A Wing,
06.Waiting For The Man
Queen Bitch ( missing on my tape & on vinyl )
07.Life On Mars +
08.Five Years +
09.Panic In Detroit + ( very bad quality the first 1/3 )
10.Band Introduction
13.Diamond Dogs


14.Rebel Rebel
15.The Jean Genie

OK friends of Dime, here is a nearly complete SBD gig from Rotterdam 13.05.76.

The + marked tracks are from tape (I seeded that tape version here before ).

This has not the best quality, but is more complete than the vinyl bootleg

"Cocaine Adds Life".

Now I remastered the 3 tracks from the tape & did speedcorrection (which I didn¥t make

when I posted it here).

The rest of this torrent come from that vinyl bootleg "Cocaine Adds Life",

which I remastered too.

It¥s a special gig with a strange atmosphere.

One of my absolute favourite Bowie gigs ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only because of that band intro its worth to d/l.

Info :

From DAVID BOWIE: The Concert Tapes:
This tape was recorded by RCA and has somehow filtered through from RCA to fans. It contains the same songs as Dusseldorf, minus Queen Bitch, which is missing. After a five minutes drum solo during Panic in Detroit, Bowie introduces the band: Good evening Rotterdam. I'd like firstly to introduce my band Raw Moon and I'll introduce the personnel. On keyboards the original Yes keyboard player Tony Kayle. On guitar, co-writer with myself and John Lennon on Fame Carlos Alomar (Tony Kaye sets in the first notes of Changes). On percussion Dennis Davis, on bass guitar George Murray and on guitar Stacy Heydon...Tony, Tony, hold it a minute! Tony stops playing. Uhm, how many of you here speak English?.. You're very kind, because we're very rude and we don't speak your language but we do speak English. I'd like to tell you that most of us in this band tonight are very ill, haha, with bronchitis, but we wanna try and rock 'n roll as much as we can...and my name is David Bowie, and this is a bronchial version of Changes. The song is played excellently, ending with a magnificent bass solo by George Murray. At the end of Jean Genie Bowie says: We'll see some of you tomorrow! This is a fantastic concert; it is not without reason that it got so many favourable reviews. Elly de Waard for instance wrote: "David Bowie greater than great". The only disadvantage of this tape (at least to me) is that RCA have hardly recorded the audience's plaudits. This is only natural, but all the atmosphere is lost. But apart from this, the tape is grand. There also excists an audience tape of this show.

Download this bootleg here

FLAC - David Bowie live in Cincinnati 1976 - 2CD - February 23

David Bowie
23 February 1976
The Coliseum, Cincinnati, USA
"The 1976 Tour Tapes Vol. 1" HissDisc HD 005/6

Source : AUD -> "nth gen" trade CDR -> EAC -> FLAC -V -8

A rather good recording from one of the first gigs of the "Station to Station" tour

Verified as non-MP3-derived by auCDtect 0.8.3.

Disc One :
01 - Station to Station [11:08]
02 - Suffragette City [3:34]
03 - Fame [4:13]
04 - Word on a Wing [5:49]
05 - Stay [7:02]
06 - Waiting for the Man [4:58]
07 - Queen Bitch [3:12]
08 - Life on Mars? [1:49]

Disc Two :
01 - Five Years [4:42]
02 - Panic in Detroit [13:26]
03 - band intro [0:28]
04 - Changes [4:14]
05 - TVC15 [4:30]
06 - Diamond Dogs [6:23]
07 - Rebel Rebel [4:55]
08 - The Jean Genie [5:32]

Download this bootleg here