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MP3 - David Bowie "The Hunky Georgie Tapes volume 17" - 11CD


Only six this time, but some lovely stuff.

HUG139CD Hannover 1991-10-25 (Tin Machine)

Source: arcorman. The sound on this one is a little muddy, I’m afraid, but every once in a while you get glimpses that indicate that it’s actually a nice clean recording, and that the muddiness was plausibly at the venue. SQ: 8/10.

HUG140CD Wembley 1983-06-02

Source: Noggin; transfer: 100PCB. When I came back to collecting Bowie after a gap of almost thirty years, I was shocked at how poor the quality of the Wembley shows that were in circulation was.

Back in ’83 I had most of the Serious Moonlight tour in my collection, and good clean sound was

absolutely the norm. Well this one’s from back in the day, and (from what’s written on the box) first gen. The sound is beautiful, no messing about. 9/10…and more Wembley 83 to come.

[For reasons I simply can't explain, the original FLACs for disc 1 appear to have been 96Khz, rather than 44.1KHz. I've corrected that this time.]

HUG141CD Hamburg 1987-06-13 - MASTER

Source: arcorman; transfer: 100PCB. This is arcorman’s own recording and, as you’d expect, the sound is excellent. Only drawback is that in the last quarter of the concert, for some reason, the applause between the songs has been taken out. Gets a bit stop/start. 9/10.

HUG141CD Detroit 1987-04-21

Source: Noggin. Wasn’t going to do this one, as it’s in the Breaking Glass bootleg that compiles both of the Detroit gigs. Then I listened to it, and realised that it’s an alternative source (if you want to compare, listen to the crowd noise around the taper at the start of the band intros).

High quality recording, but quite brittle sound in places. Some intermittent, variable hiss, but doesn't spoil. To be honest, the Breaking Glass recording is slightly better to my hears, but an alternative source is an alternative source! SQ 8½, drops to 8 in places.

HUG142CD Birmingham 1990-03-20

Source: AndreF; transfer: 100PCB. Great quality transfer, but source tape is a little strained on Bowie's vocals at times (Queen Bitch, JIOD, Life On Mars), so 8½ rather than 9/10.

HUG143CD Stockholm 1976-04-27

Source: Noggin. Seems decent enough quality, but sounds very remote. To me, it’s not great to

listen to, but then I’m not a particular fan of the Isolar tour. 7½/10

Download this bootleg here

MP3 - David Bowie "The Hunky Georgie Tapes volume 16" - 12CD


No Kings Cross jiggery-pokery this time, just some good, honest Bowie bootlegs!

HUG128CD Glasgow 1991-11-07 (Tin Machine)

Source: 100PCB. A real treat here. I received a copy of this from Andre F, but the last five songs were missing (the side of the tape he had labelled with it, was completely blank). 100PCB (who was the original source of Andre’s tape) stepped into the breach and sent through a copy of the whole gig – which is what you get here. It’s an absolute beaut, suffice to say, 9/10 of anyone’s money.

HUG129CD Simon Bates Interviews, Radio One 1990-93

Source: source2. Christmas is coming, so something a little unusual for you. In both 1990 and 1993, David did interviews with Simon Bates for Radio One, which were broadcast over a week. In the former case, to promote the Sound+Vision tour, in the latter, so promote Black Tie White Noise. Both cleaned up reasonably well, little bit of static in places on the 1990 interview, 1993 very clean.

The 1990 interview did contain a few Bowie songs that were simply there as part of the radio show, official releases, which I’ve taken out. The 1993 includes samples from what was, at that time, the new album as an intrinsic part of the interviews, so they’re still in. Interesting stuff throughout, and art specifically done to keep Nat happy!

HUG130CD Amsterdam 1989-06-24 (Tin Machine)

Source: Sixer. The soundboard of this is already in circulation – but Sixer’s copy is very bright and includes most of Baby Can Dance, which is removed from most versions. He also, however, provided a very decent audience recording, which is complete, so I’ve put both of them in here as a double CD.

The audience recording is fairly rough and ready and the sound deteriorates a little after the tape flip – I don't know if inside or outside (probably the former), either way it demonstrates why the outdoor screen was needed, extremely lively. Overall an 8/10. Soundboard is a killer.

HUG131CD Salisbury 1973-06-14

Source: Noggin. I am so SO pleased with this one. I always check all of the HG recordings before upping them, but I’ve been listening to this one for pleasure.

First of all, an admission. When copying this, I was testing the levels, and accidentally hit record rather than play – and wiped 5 seconds from Hang On To Yourself. Delighted to say that I managed to patch this from later in the song, and did a load of other repairs and tidying as well.

I’ll let you be the judges of the result, but I now find this a really enjoyable recording, really ballsy sound – the disappointment is that it’s only half the gig, with the middle missing. SQ: 7.

HUG132CD Winnipeg 1983-09-14

Source: Arcorman, 100PCB transfer. Very loud recording, and very boisterous crowd. Sound a bit harsh in places. SQ: 8-8½/10

HUG133CD Milwaukee 1990-06-13

Source: AndreF, 100PCB transfer. Not as balanced sound as the European gigs, but decent enough recording. No sign of The Jean Genie and Panic In Detroit.

Short set and unusual edits makes one wonder whether some songs were held back. SQ 8½

HUG134CD Milwaukee 1978-04-24

Source: Noggin. While good quality, the songs up to Be My Wife are too bassy and the sound comes and goes quite badly. Things then improve and the songs from the second half of the gig are rather good sound. Shame there’s only half an hour of it. SQ 7-8.

Download this bootleg here

MP3 - David Bowie "The Hunky Georgie Tapes volume 15" - 12CD


Seven for you this month, and it’s a real mixed bag.

HUG120CD Edmonton 1990-03-12
Source: Andre F. Very clear, but seems to be a little lo-tech - like good quality AM or via a telephone - so a little thin/tinny.

Massive interference from a couple of really bad screamers next to the taper - in fact, it may well be the taper! This is bad on the first disc, but on the second, he/she discovers whistling as well, and it positively ruins the listening experience.

David nice and chatty, however. 8/10

HUG121CD Quebec City 1983-07-11
Source: Arcorman, 100PCB transfer. Very loud recording. Lo gen, however, and clear as a bell in quieter bits. SQ 8-8½.

Of course the deal with this one is that David switches Young Americans to be Young Canadians – and he and the Simms brothers keep this up throughout the song! Only exists as a C90, so final songs missing.

HUG122CD Boston 1976-03-17
Source: Noggin. Tried to sort this one out a few months back, failed, but perseverance has paid off.

Lovely clean recording. Seems to have had one too many copy with the Dolby button pressed, as it lacks sparkle, but otherwise excellent sound. 8½

HUG123CD Barcelona 1987-07-08
Source: Arcorman, 100PCB transfer. Fantastic sound, can't fault it. A beautiful example of the difference the A-D conversion makes. 9/10

HUG124CD Cuyahoga Falls, Cleveland 1995-09-30
Source: Andre F, 100PCB transfer. Yes, honest, a Hunky Geordie Outside tape! Only a couple in the box from Andre, but worth the wait. If anything, the sound on this one’s even better than Barcelona ’87! SQ: 9+/10

HUG125CD Glasgow 1978-06-21
Source: Noggin. OK, this one was really marginal for inclusion, but I was having problems with the Newcastle tape I’d lined up for HG15, so it sneaks in by the back door.

In terms of raw quality, as it's noisy and prone to distortion, but way more listenable that Newcastle 14-6-78 (the dodgy disc I included in HG9 and really shouldn’t have). What makes the difference is that the atmosphere is just fantastic. The crowd are singing and cheering the whole way through – yet again, Glaswegian crowds leading the way! SQ 6½-7; but performance way higher!

HUG135CD Kings Cross Cinema, London 1972-07-14 (reputed)
Original announce:
Source: Arcorman. Had this lined up for HG17 (as the non-contiguous number suggests), but that batch went a little over a DVD’s worth, and HG15 was a little short, so a bit of a bonus for you!

I’ve been working on this one, on and off, since February. It’s been tough going, but in the end, I think it’s worth it. While lacking in brightness because I had to go in hard on the hiss, and also quite distorted in places, it’s an interesting gig and a decent listen (and in places it's reasonably clear). SQ: 6~7/10

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here

MP3 - David Bowie "The Hunky Georgie Tapes volume 14" - 12CD


Well first of all, the big news. It’s a year in to the Hunky Geordie tapes now and I’m really pleased that so many of you seem to be enjoying my efforts – and thanks again for all your really positive feedback.

A couple of months back, our old friend 100PCB got in touch, and said that I really ought to let him do the transfers on the more recent lo-gen stuff, using his A-D converter, as it would really improve the sound. I have to be honest and say I was sceptical – not least because with so many audio innovations I can’t hear the difference as I’m too busy listening to the music! Well he sent some samples, and it blew my socks off. The difference is immediate and significant.

So from volume 14, around half of the Hunky Geordie tapes will be collaborations with 100PCB. The older ones that need renovation will still be all my work, the newer, low generation ones will be based on conversions by 100 PCB – and you’re going to love the difference it makes.

Seven recordings for you this month (well, read on at the end…):

HUG111CD Toronto 1983-09-03

Source: Arcorman, 100PCB transfer. This one’s a beautiful example of the difference the A-D converter makes. It’s beautiful warm sound throughout, lovely listen. SQ: 8½ - it’s still a 1983 audience recording!

HUG112CD Hamburg 1989-06-22 (Tin Machine) MASTER

Source: Arcorman, 100PCB transfer. Lovely sound, but marred in places by intrusive whooping etc

from taper's neighbours (perhaps the taper himself?!). SQ: 8½

HUG113CD Florence 1991-10-08 (Tin Machine)

Source: AndreF, 100PCB transfer. Absolutely lush sound. Worth an easy 9/10 of anyone’s money.

HUG114CD Edinburgh 1973-01-06

Source: Noggin. Clean recording. Brightness lost because of the required depth of hiss removal, but decent enough listen and a worthwhile upgrade of anything I’ve heard of this one. SQ: 6½.

HUG115CD Frejus 1990-08-13

Source: AndreF, 100PCB transfer. Another simply beautiful recording. Easy 9/10.

HUG116CD Brussels 1983-05-18

Source: Arcorman. First of all, just to make it clear that this is an alternative source to the recording that’s in widespread circulation of this gig. Very alternative. It’s basically from in the middle of the crowd. The taper has some noisy fans (one in particular, could be the taper) right next to him [we subsequently found out from jeanhenri that the noise maker was no other than Pimm Jal!].

Every time the fan bellows, the automatic levels take a hit. When he shuts up, sound is pretty damned good. Be warned, in the second half he even tries to sing.

If you’re someone who likes more than one version of a gig, this is well worth a go. If you want the best quality recording of a gig, and only one, go for the standard one that’s out there! SQ 8½

HUG117CD San Diego 1978-03-29

Source: Noggin. You see, I love a challenge. Notoriously difficult gig for sound quality, but threequarters of Noggin’s tape is pretty decent. The first side of the tape (up to The Jean Genie), rather dull and remote. Then it improves. Gets to sound pretty good for Ziggy songs. By Station To Station, I’d say it’s positively good.

In Soul Love, David tries the original chorus first time through, then clearly changes it for the rest of the tour. Similar in Star! Quite a few flubbed lyrics; but probably the best version of Rock'n'Roll Suicide on the tour. If you want a laugh, listen to the conversation between the taper and his mate at the start – one of whom is convinced that Roger Powell is Eno at the beginning. SQ: 7 for first five songs, then 7½.


In the announce for volume 13, I said that I’d never come across a complete version of Auckland

1983-11-26 – hence it being only a C90’s worth in the torrent. At the weekend I was sorting out the tapes to transfer for volumes 18-21 (getting organised!), and guess what I found – the ending for that concert.

I need to make it clear, it’s a different source to the rest of the gig, and not quite as good sound (I’d say a weak 8/10, rather than a strong one), but it’s there: so I’ve put the ending in this month’s torrent (from Fame onwards) with the requisite tweaks to art. If you’re a purist who doesn’t like mixed sources, just skip it – but if you want to hear David at his most pompous (almost on a par with The Lord’s Prayer at the Freddie Mercury gig) – just listen in to him berating world leaders when he releases two doves into a crowd (warning – don’t do this immediately after a big meal).

Download this bootleg here

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MP3 - David Bowie "The Year Of The Spiders" - 1CD - 1972 radio shows

David Bowie- The Year Of The Spiders (1972)
BBC Sessions Various Dates & Location
Excellent Recording Quality
Switch On! (Devil KWSK99-03)
Artwork Included


[Maida Vale Studios, London, UK]
01. Hang Onto Yourself
02. Ziggy Stardust
03. Waiting For The Man
04. Queen Bitch
05. Five Years

[Maida Vale Studios, London, UK]
06. White Light White Heat
07. Making Believe
08. Hang Onto Yourself
09. Suffragette City
10. Ziggy Stardust

[The Aeolian Hall, London, UK]
11. Starman
12. Space Oddity
13. Changes
14. Oh You Pretty Things

[Maida Vale Studios, London, UK]
15. Andy Warhol
16. Lady Stardust
17. White Light White Heat
18. Rock'n'Roll Suicide

Download this bootleg here

MP3 - David Bowie "Conversation Disc Series" - 1CD - 1980's interview

David Bowie - Conversation Disc Series

Limited Edition 0f 2500

Interview with Bowie 1980'S

Time: 46.12

Artwork included

Download this bootleg here

MP3 - David Bowie live in Chelsea 1969 - 1CD - February

Preludes Of Greatness
Clairville Grove, Chelsea
February 1969

Audience recording
artwork included

Space Oddity
An Occasional Dream
Conversation Piece
Ching A Ling Song
I'm Not Quite (Letter To Hermione)
Love Song
When I'm Five
Life Is A Circus
Lover To The Dawn

Download this bootleg here