donderdag 7 februari 2019

MP3 - Tin Machine live in Newport 1989 - 1CD - July 1

TIN MACHINE - Newport 1989-07-01

Leisure Centre, Newport, Wales

Audience recording
Number of discs: 1
Artwork: included
Total running time: 78:25
Track listing:

01 Intro Music/Band Introduction
02 Amazing
03 Heaven's In Here
04 Sacrifice Yourself
05 Working Class Hero
06 Prisoner Of Love
07 Sorry
08 Country Bus Stop
09 Bus Stop
10 Shakin' All Over
11 Run
12 Baby Can Dance
13 I Can't Read
14 Maggie's Farm
15 Pretty Thing
16 Crack City
17 Under The God

Fix notes:

Left channel too quiet on first side of tape, volume upped accordingly.
Join between Run and Baby Can Dance - clean.

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MP3 - Tin Machine live in London 1989 - 1CD - June 27

Tin Machine
Town & Country Club, London
27th June 1989

01. Intro
02. Amazing
03. Heaven's In Here
04. Sacrifice Yourself
05. Working Class Hero
06. Prisoner Of Love
07. I'm Sorry
08. Bus Stop
09. Run
10. Maggie's Farm
11. I Can't Read
12. Baby Can Dance
13. Pretty Things
14. Crack City
15. Under The God

Bought at Brighton Records Fair shortly after the gig.
Very good audience recording, flip side of my tape from I Can't Read was noticeably
quieter so I've boosted the volume via Audacity and cleaned up some of the background noise
present on the tape due to generational hiss.

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MP3 - Tin Machine live in Paris 1989 - 1CD - June 25 - soundboard

tin machine - high, live and dirty
Paris, "La Cigale" - 25.06.89
artwork included
Liberated Bootleg for Savage Jaw

1 - Amazing
2 - Heaven in here
3 - Sacrice yourself
4 - Working class hero
5 - Baby can dance
6 - Maggie's farm
7 - I can't read
8 - Under the God

Comments by Bassman: This CD is recorded off an Westwood One radio disc, so the sound quality is excellent. A nice release. The second release of this material is far more attractive.

Comments by John Steed : It kills !!!! I never had such regrets not to be able to afford the ticket (more than 150 euros at the time).

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MP3 - Tin Machine live in Hamburg 1989 - 1CD - June 22

Tin Machine - Hamburg 1989-06-22

The Docks, Hamburg, Germany

Audience recording
Number of discs: 1
Artwork: included
Total running time: 66:08

Track listing:

1. Introduction
2. Amazing
3. Sacrifice Yourself
4. Heaven's In Here
5. Working Class Hero
6. Tin Machine
7. Sorry
8. Country Bus Stop
9. Bus Stop
10. Run
11. Maggie's Farm
12. I Can't Read
13. Baby Can Dance
14. Pretty Thing
15. Crack City
16. Under The God

Fix Notes:

iZotope RX2 denoiser to remove light hiss

Tape flip between Maggie's Farm and I Can't Read. Mostly crowd noise, also clips some of David's chat.

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MP3 - Tin Machine live in New York 1989 - 1CD - June 14

Tin Machine - New York 1989-06-14

The World, New York

Audience recording
Number of discs: 1
Artwork: included
Total running time: 67:42

Track listing:

1. Band Introductions
2. Sacrifice Yourself
3. Heaven's In Here
4. Amazing
5. Working Class Hero
6. Tin Machine
7. Sorry
8. Prisoner Of Love
9. Country Bus Stop
10. Bus Stop
11. I Can't Read
12. You've Been Around
13. Baby Can Dance
14. Run
15. Crack City
16. Pretty Thing
17. Under The God

Fix Notes:

Volume boost of 66% for right channel.
Gap @ 39 seconds into Sacrifice Yourself removed, minimal impact. Gap : 3:49 during Heaven's In Here removed - loss of ~1 second of music.
Tape flip after You've Been Around, impacts crowd noise only.

49 intrusive pops removed from songs thus: Band Intros (1), Heaven's In Here (3), Amazing (2), Working Class Hero (1), Tin Machine (2), Sorry (1), Prisoner Of Love (2), I Can't Read (8), You've Been Around (4), Baby Can Dance (6), Run (8), Crack City (2), Pretty Thing (3) and Under The God (6).

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zaterdag 19 januari 2019

MP3 - David Bowie "The Hunky Georgie Tapes volume 17" - 11CD


Only six this time, but some lovely stuff.

HUG139CD Hannover 1991-10-25 (Tin Machine)

Source: arcorman. The sound on this one is a little muddy, I’m afraid, but every once in a while you get glimpses that indicate that it’s actually a nice clean recording, and that the muddiness was plausibly at the venue. SQ: 8/10.

HUG140CD Wembley 1983-06-02

Source: Noggin; transfer: 100PCB. When I came back to collecting Bowie after a gap of almost thirty years, I was shocked at how poor the quality of the Wembley shows that were in circulation was.

Back in ’83 I had most of the Serious Moonlight tour in my collection, and good clean sound was

absolutely the norm. Well this one’s from back in the day, and (from what’s written on the box) first gen. The sound is beautiful, no messing about. 9/10…and more Wembley 83 to come.

[For reasons I simply can't explain, the original FLACs for disc 1 appear to have been 96Khz, rather than 44.1KHz. I've corrected that this time.]

HUG141CD Hamburg 1987-06-13 - MASTER

Source: arcorman; transfer: 100PCB. This is arcorman’s own recording and, as you’d expect, the sound is excellent. Only drawback is that in the last quarter of the concert, for some reason, the applause between the songs has been taken out. Gets a bit stop/start. 9/10.

HUG141CD Detroit 1987-04-21

Source: Noggin. Wasn’t going to do this one, as it’s in the Breaking Glass bootleg that compiles both of the Detroit gigs. Then I listened to it, and realised that it’s an alternative source (if you want to compare, listen to the crowd noise around the taper at the start of the band intros).

High quality recording, but quite brittle sound in places. Some intermittent, variable hiss, but doesn't spoil. To be honest, the Breaking Glass recording is slightly better to my hears, but an alternative source is an alternative source! SQ 8½, drops to 8 in places.

HUG142CD Birmingham 1990-03-20

Source: AndreF; transfer: 100PCB. Great quality transfer, but source tape is a little strained on Bowie's vocals at times (Queen Bitch, JIOD, Life On Mars), so 8½ rather than 9/10.

HUG143CD Stockholm 1976-04-27

Source: Noggin. Seems decent enough quality, but sounds very remote. To me, it’s not great to

listen to, but then I’m not a particular fan of the Isolar tour. 7½/10

Download this bootleg here

MP3 - David Bowie "The Hunky Georgie Tapes volume 16" - 12CD


No Kings Cross jiggery-pokery this time, just some good, honest Bowie bootlegs!

HUG128CD Glasgow 1991-11-07 (Tin Machine)

Source: 100PCB. A real treat here. I received a copy of this from Andre F, but the last five songs were missing (the side of the tape he had labelled with it, was completely blank). 100PCB (who was the original source of Andre’s tape) stepped into the breach and sent through a copy of the whole gig – which is what you get here. It’s an absolute beaut, suffice to say, 9/10 of anyone’s money.

HUG129CD Simon Bates Interviews, Radio One 1990-93

Source: source2. Christmas is coming, so something a little unusual for you. In both 1990 and 1993, David did interviews with Simon Bates for Radio One, which were broadcast over a week. In the former case, to promote the Sound+Vision tour, in the latter, so promote Black Tie White Noise. Both cleaned up reasonably well, little bit of static in places on the 1990 interview, 1993 very clean.

The 1990 interview did contain a few Bowie songs that were simply there as part of the radio show, official releases, which I’ve taken out. The 1993 includes samples from what was, at that time, the new album as an intrinsic part of the interviews, so they’re still in. Interesting stuff throughout, and art specifically done to keep Nat happy!

HUG130CD Amsterdam 1989-06-24 (Tin Machine)

Source: Sixer. The soundboard of this is already in circulation – but Sixer’s copy is very bright and includes most of Baby Can Dance, which is removed from most versions. He also, however, provided a very decent audience recording, which is complete, so I’ve put both of them in here as a double CD.

The audience recording is fairly rough and ready and the sound deteriorates a little after the tape flip – I don't know if inside or outside (probably the former), either way it demonstrates why the outdoor screen was needed, extremely lively. Overall an 8/10. Soundboard is a killer.

HUG131CD Salisbury 1973-06-14

Source: Noggin. I am so SO pleased with this one. I always check all of the HG recordings before upping them, but I’ve been listening to this one for pleasure.

First of all, an admission. When copying this, I was testing the levels, and accidentally hit record rather than play – and wiped 5 seconds from Hang On To Yourself. Delighted to say that I managed to patch this from later in the song, and did a load of other repairs and tidying as well.

I’ll let you be the judges of the result, but I now find this a really enjoyable recording, really ballsy sound – the disappointment is that it’s only half the gig, with the middle missing. SQ: 7.

HUG132CD Winnipeg 1983-09-14

Source: Arcorman, 100PCB transfer. Very loud recording, and very boisterous crowd. Sound a bit harsh in places. SQ: 8-8½/10

HUG133CD Milwaukee 1990-06-13

Source: AndreF, 100PCB transfer. Not as balanced sound as the European gigs, but decent enough recording. No sign of The Jean Genie and Panic In Detroit.

Short set and unusual edits makes one wonder whether some songs were held back. SQ 8½

HUG134CD Milwaukee 1978-04-24

Source: Noggin. While good quality, the songs up to Be My Wife are too bassy and the sound comes and goes quite badly. Things then improve and the songs from the second half of the gig are rather good sound. Shame there’s only half an hour of it. SQ 7-8.

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